Monday, March 1, 2010

Tragic Death

A visitor attractions Malem Kedung waterfall, Suweru Hamlet, Village Tegir, District Kare, Madiun, East Java, Monday (21/2), killed the old tree falling. This tree fell from the cliffs as high as approximately 100 meters. Two other visitors were injured.

All three victims were citizens of Wates village, District Mejayan, CARUBAN. The death toll is Endro. While the two friends, namely Sugianto Andik and are still being treated at a local clinic.

This happened when the three victims were sitting on the rock while enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. Suddenly the sound of thunder accompanied the collapse of a block of wood. One of the wooden block against the victim.

To anticipate a similar incident, police were forced to temporarily close the resort. Moreover, the current rainfall and strong winds are frequent. Especially on the cliff is still a lot of thought to a wooden beam at any time could fall. (IAN)

Chairman of the DPRD Kota Blitar persecuted PNS

Police line of resort town of Blitar, East Java, were still investigating the motive of persecution that had befallen the Chairman of DPRD Kota Blitar, East Java, Samanhoedi. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Polresta Blitar, Ajun Purdiyanto Police Commissioner, Sunday (21 / 2), said it was investigating the motive and the mastermind behind the violence.

"We have secured a suspect with his cell phone. Currently, we are conducting an intensive investigation," said Purdiyanto, as reported by AFP.

Samanhudi candidate who also persecuted Blitar Mayor Hendro Purnomo, civil servants (PNS) in the Municipality of Blitar in his house in Jalan Anjasmoro, last Friday. As a result, eyelid and right eye blackened Samanhoedi. At that time, the perpetrators came to the victim's home drunk condition. He immediately crashed a motorcycle driven into the victim's door until damaged.

According to the victim, he had asked the perpetrator, but was answered with a single blow right on the right eye. In addition, the perpetrator also abused the victim. Indeed, he threatened with death if the problem continued to highlight alleged leak of retribution in the principal work.

Victims who did not know the perpetrators of the resistance. Having satisfied cursing the victims, the perpetrators then left the victim's house with two friends.

Samanhudi admitted not knowing the exact cause of the abuse. He just assumed, the perpetrators felt frustrated after he was frequently highlighted the problem of alleged leaks of retribution. "Maybe he felt hurt by the current case were we highlight," said Samanhoedi.

Meanwhile, the police Hendro admitted hitting the victim unconscious. But he was reluctant to reveal the motive behind the action dilakukanya. "I do not know hit him, because when I'm drunk," said Hendro who served in The Tourism Information Center and Trade Blitar (PPIP) is.